Timbuk2 Backpacks

Timbuk2 products are built to inspire urban mobility and to last a lifetime. It’s not uncommon for Timbuk2 bags to outlast relationships, jobs, and even pets.

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Timbuk2 Backpacks

Timbuk2 Backpack

Built for mobility, Timbuk2 backpacks are built to inspire urban mobility and last for a very long-time. The word on the street is that Timbuk2 style backpack that can outlast the job, relationship, and even your pets, well you get it; They Are Reliable. However, Timbuk2 is the make of the really popular messenger backpack and since 1989, Timbuk2 has been making bags built to left a lifetime in the heart of San Francisco, California. Greatest aspect about Timbuk2 is that you're backpack is gaurenteed for life! For the life that you own the backpack, messenger bag, travel bag, any backpack really, Timbuk2 will repair it no questions asked.

A Brand Born and Bred in San Francisco

Founded in 1989 by bike messenger Rob Honeycutt, Timbuk2 birthed its classic messenger bag after Honeycutt went through a trial and error on designing bags for cyclists. Unlike the many active gear brands that are made to endure through nature’s wrath, these packs are meant for the opposite—to survive the city. Built for the modern urbanite, Timbuk2 uses durable fabric and manufactures its < href="/">bags locally to provide long-lasting packs that will outlast the toughest days in the city. It prides itself on being able to make custom bags with an expert team of designers, and crafters who can customize each bag made to order. Still, Timbuk2 works with factories in Asia to meet the demands of their products. Utilizing recycled materials, and investing in ideal fabrics, these bags are meant to last a lifetime. As the second largest manufacturer in San Francisco, Timbuk2 is revolutionizing how its local customers relate to its products.

Searching for a Timbuk2 bag? Backpacks.com offers a unique selection of Timbuk2 bags. From stylish, modern daypacks to small accessories and a sleek VIP messenger bag, these bags and accessories are meant to be a classic staple in anyone’s closet.

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Large Selection of Timbuk2 Bags

Dedicated to making better cities, products and communities, Timbuk2 maintains a sustainable process by being GRS approved, using Bluesign materials, an independent industry textile standard that delivers a certainty of environment impact, and using recycled materials. These practices work to ensure that this collection is not only unique but environmentally safe and recyclable. The brand also inspires its workers with an eco-friendly office. Coffee tea is bought in from local brewers and food delivery from a neighborhood grocery encourages employees to eat healthy. Extra scraps from employees are also recycled. These bags are not just posing as urbanites but actually are urban as it aims to save cities from pollution and hazardous wastes. Its biking program offers loaner bikes to guests and employees to help facilitate exercise and energy efficiency. Its offices also offer a community bikeshare for locals to run errands, on-site showers, and internal bike parking.

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Designed to Keep the City Safe

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Lifetime Warranty

If your Timbuk2 has a defect in the materials or workmanship, they will repair or replace the bag. This warranty exists throughout the entire lifetime of the bag but excludes damage caused by abuse.

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  • Timbuk2 Walker Pack - Black

    Timbuk2 Walker Pack - Black Backpack

    Regular Price: $278.00

    Special Price $236.30

  • Timbuk2 VIP Pack - Nautical

    Timbuk2 VIP Pack Backpack

    $149.40 - $249.00
  • Timbuk2 VIP CMB - Olivine

    Timbuk2 VIP CMB Messenger Bag

    $119.40 - $199.00
  • Timbuk2 Blitz Pack - Surplus

    Timbuk2 Blitz Pack Backpack

  • Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Print-Xsmall - Shattered Triangles

    Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Print-Xsmall

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price $53.40

  • Timbuk2 Rift Tote Pack Violet Smoke

    Timbuk2 Rift Tote Pack Backpack

    $53.40 - $89.00
  • Timbuk2 Tuck Pack - Nautical Bixi

    Timbuk2 Tuck Pack Backpack

  • Timbuk2 The Division Pack - Fog

    Timbuk2 The Division Pack Backpack

    $92.65 - $109.00
  • Timbuk2 Cask Pack - Black

    Timbuk2 Cask Pack Backpack

    Regular Price: $278.00

    Special Price $236.30

  • Timbuk2 Parker Pack - Jet Black

    Timbuk2 Parker Pack - Jet Black Backpack

  • Timbuk2 Jet Pack - Black

    Timbuk2 Jet Pack Backpack

    Regular Price: $129.00

    Special Price $109.65

  • Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Print - Small - Facet Print

    Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Print - Small - Facet Print

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $69.30