Star Wars Backpacks

Star Wars Backpacks

Star Wars fans, you can now enjoy a very high quality backpack through Nixon signature series. Nixon backpacks, is a very, very good backpack manufacture. There attention to detail is amazing and as a result, we've selected them to be a part of our deep collection of lifestyle backpacks. Each bag we have is trivial and

Star Wars Backpack

Now is the time to shop and order your very own Star Wars backpack. Before we selected any of the Star Wars backpacks from Nixon's signature series, we put bag through our test. Star Wars is pretty big deal for all fans, so we meticulously picked each bag based on the follow questions. The first question, "Does this Star Wars backpack have value?", second, "Is this Star Wars bag good enough?", and last "Can this Star Wars backpack become a classic or vintage item!". So there you have it, below are the very best Star Wars backpack line-up from the Nixon , use the filtering system to the left to find the backpack that's best for you.

Star Wars Book Bags

Perfect for school, the collection of Star Wars book bags from Nixon, are a great way to have yourself feeling connected with iconic moments in Star Wars trilogy. Buying your kid, nephew, niece, a star wars book bag, will go a long way in making everlasting memories. Whether it's back to school or around the holidays, these will make great gift item and build your mood and excitement. What's great about our selection of Star Wars backpacks is the quality you'll experience. Our selection of star wars backpacks are great for child in elementary school, middle school, and or a teen in highschool. We have a selection of small star wars backpacks or large star wars backpacks, we have a suitable book bag to choose from!

Star Wars Iconic Character Backpacks

Our selection of Star Wars iconic character backpacks are so amazing. One look at the craftsmanship and you'll instantly start to feel the connection with your favorite character from the many different episodes.

Star Wars Yoda Backpack


Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack


Star Wars R2D2 Backpack


Star Wars 212 Battalion Clone Troopers Backpacks

Star Wars Rebel Backpack