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Modern | Natural | Minimal

Sherpani is an authentic lifestyle brand leading the shift in Modern, Natural, Minimalism. Focused on organic materials and modern aesthetics; pioneering a new style of luxury, designed for unpretending fashion

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Alpine Heritage

Sherpani comes from the Nepalese term used for a female Sherpa; A member of the Tibetan people living on the high southern slopes of the Himalayas, who serve as expert guides on mountain expeditions. The visual identity of Sherpani is a stylized Edelweiss flower that grows in the high Alpine region of Europe. The Alpine flower symbolizes Sherpani's feminine focus and connection to a simple lifestyle that touches urban fashion.

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A Free and Natural Mindset

Sherpani's gentle approach to innovation is punctuated by clean lines, natural textures and sophisticated textile choices; soft wool, leather and recycled fabrics. Modern designs are reflected in our pure and original silhouettes. The color pallete evokes a free and natural mindset.