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Samsonite has a few travel backpacks that are designed to give that easy short-trip or get-away trip without having to carry too much. In fact, many working professionals today have less and less time to actually go on longer extended vacation trips. As a result, backpack makers like Samsonite are in the process of recreating the everyday backpack or better known as the day bag. However, Backpacks.Com has continued to drill-down our assortments to feature the best shopping experience for users on the web. We simply select what we believe to be the very best Samsonite travel backpacks. That process is a three step process where we look for a bag that can become a classic; an all time best seller!

Samsonite Travel Bags

Here's a little insight on the Samsonite Bags that we have currently in stock:

  • Samsonite Pro 4 DLX PFT Urban Laptop Backpack
  • By far the most durable backpack from the Samsonite brand, this bag is made for a true road warrior. It's a full-travel backpack with it's three compartments, TSA-friendly layout design, and business class design. If your looking to elevate your wardrobe, this bag is a classy as they come all while looking conservative. Travel around the country or your urban environment with this bag!

  • Samsonite Tectonic Backpack
  • This is another business class travel backpack from Samsonite and with more pockets on the outside it's a haven for organization. Like the Samsonite Pro 4 DLX Urban Laptop bag, this one is also TSA-friendly! This backpack is particularly good because it can hold larger laptops up to 17 inches.

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Samsonite brand is about durability and for the longest time their backpacks, luggage, and other suitecases are king in that department. Shop the collection of Samsonite Backpacks and discover some of the other really fine quality backpacks.

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If you're searching for a Samsonite backpack that's not here, check out Samsonite or if you're in the market for a on sale backpacks from Samsonite, then try your luck and buy or shop from that category. We update our sales and promotions many times throughout each calendar year, you're bound to find a bag at a great deal or a comparable one to Samsonite travel backpacks, what are you waiting, click the link and shop for a Samsonite backpack today!