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We know backpacks.

Before a curator fills a gallery with works of art, they must scrutinize those works with a studied eye. Is it good enough? Does it have value? Can it become a classic? Our approach to getting the very best backpack onto your back is exactly the same.

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Down to the last detail

The telltale signs of superior craftsmanship have been, and forever will be, found in the little things that make the big things shine. We scrutinize every pocket, every yard of material on down to the quality of the zippers and the integrity of the stitching before any bag is even considered for our collection. Obsessive? You bet.


The bag must be artful and contemporary with an eye-catching silhouette and complimentary features.


We insist on durability, resistance to the elements and the ability to perform to our expectations.


We make sure the zippers are top quality and the correct size. Poor quality zippers are known to jam when undersized and they can also compromise the overall strength of the bag.

Suspension System

We take great care to make sure the shoulder straps, back panel and any other auxiliary straps are able to deliver the appropriate strength, comfort and fit for their intended purpose.

Compartment Design

We check to ensure that pockets, laptop sleeves, etc. are adequately sized according to specs as well as placed for proper weight balance and accessibility.


Depending on the application, a good bag should offer ample places to store your belongings in a very logical and orderly fashion.


We prefer bags that perform more than storage duties with sufficient padding in places that can be especially vulnerable.

Finishing Detail

We have an eye for things like specialized trim, gusseting, grommets, decorative logo plates and all the things that accentuate a fine bag.

We love our brands

We can tell the brands that bring the goods from the pretenders. From New York to San Francisco and everywhere across the world, we find the most driven and most dedicated artisans in this business to bring you exceptional quality and design with every bag we ship.

Before we align ourselves with a brand, they must meet three defining criteria.

Brand Quality

We make sure that the bags we’re looking for meet the highest manufacturing standards in durability, functionality and construction. There will be no cutting of corners or compromising of any sort. We’re not selling you a bag we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Brand Style

We look for bags with tons of personality and ones that make a statement full of character and flair. Our collection is big on diversity: Traditional everyday drivers, sophisticated travel-oriented daypacks, innovative messenger bags and tech-savvy designer bags to name a few.

Brand Passion

In backpacks, as in all things, the difference between ‘meh’ and ‘wow’ is whether or not it was made with love. We have combed through countless bags and brands searching for the ones that demonstrate a desire to be that trusted friend for wherever your day takes you.

We’ve Got Your Back

What better way to show gratitude than by giving back. That’s why has launched its “We’ve Got Your Back” initiative. Through our different efforts and programs throughout the year, it’s our mission to partner with local charities to provide resources to people in need. Join us in our efforts to evoke change. So if its giving us a gently used backpack or helping us pick what charity should receive holiday meals on us, please help us make a difference in someone’s life.