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Since 2000, Mystery Ranch has been creating backpacks and load carriage systems for military, hunting, wildland fire and mountaineering customers. Owners Dana Gleason and Renee Sippel-Baker originally started designing for the backpack industry in 1978, when Dana hired Renee as a production sewer for his first company, Kletterworks. The two quickly grew the business by designing specialized carry systems for cameras and other electronic equipment with Mojo/Quest Systems. In 1985, Dana and Renee founded Dana Design, a backpack company that became recognized as the industry standard in load carriage technology. By the 90s, the business had grown to three full time production facilities in Montana with more than 200 employees and dealers all over the world. Soon after, the pair retired and sold their company to K2 Corporation. Yet, they discovered they weren’t satisfied with retirement and quickly got back into business after designing a hip sack for Dana’s daughter. Today, Mystery Ranch encompasses performance gear with military customers and an array of wildland fire, backpack hunting, and mountaineering. Its history spans more than four decades and continues to shape performance gear with leading technology and innovations.

Mystery Ranch Backpack

Searching for a Mystery Ranch bag? offers a unique selection of Mystery Ranch bags. From its camouflaged, burly Urban Assault Rucksack to its spacious, minimalist Booty Bag tote, this collection is ideal for those on-the-go in the city or for hiking and mountaineering explorers. Top Mystery Ranch Backpacks

  • Mystery Ranch Urban Assault
  • Look fashionable and stay durable with this great day backpack or everyday backpack. Featuring a three-way zipper system you can open this page so fast. The great thing with Mystery Ranch are the weather-proof zippers and the Cordura 500D materials.

  • Mystery Ranch Scree - M/L
  • Another great backpack and tactical ready for the toughest conditions. From the TTY zippers that will repeal water and sand, and also an easy access backpack, you'll be ready to mobilized with all the organization that you need to make for a better trip. It's a little bit more intense than the standard Mystery Ranch Urban Assault bag being that it has a wait system, an adjustable chassis, it's clear that this bag is outdoor ready.

  • Mystery Ranch Terraplane - M - Coyote
  • Go on an outdoors expedition and do it with one of the very best tactical backpacks ever made. Get in the big open outdoors with this bag. You can organize like you can't believe, there are front-pockets, side pockets, hipbelt pockets, and many other organizational pockets. Check this bag out it's the ultimate backpackers bag!

  • Mystery Ranch Street Fighter - M/L
  • Made with military grade material as well and two side pockets to hold a water bottle, head to the outdoors with a light pack, but durable one.

  • Mystery Ranch Kletterwerks Drei Zip - Mulit Camo Black
  • Built with a little flair, this everyday backpack is camo, easy to access, easy to tote around and perfect for your day-to-day transits. With those three-zipper designs, you be sure to stay agile and ready. Be that it can also belong to outdoor collection and enthusiast.

Mystery Ranch Backpacks For Sale

Mystery Ranch’s packs features technology that allows its users the utmost comfort and durability while trekking through rugged terrain. Its creative freedom is rooted in pushing boundaries and providing the best pack designs and materials technology. It continues to defy the odds by manufacturing quality packs and bags that are long-lasting and ergonomically functional. While building on its history of designing durable apparel, Mystery Ranch has inspired user-centric designs across its collection. Customers can appreciate design that are customized for specific activities. Shop the collection and be prepared for whatever life tosses at you.

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Buy Mystery Ranch bags at and enjoy a timeless companion. We hand pick every bag to ensure customer satisfaction and quality. Shop at for the best selection of backpacks. If you're still not ready to buy, but you need some motivation to make that happen, check out the backpacks and see if you can shop for and find a Mystery Ranch backpack on sale today!

Lifetime Warranty

The Mystery Ranch Lifetime Warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship for the life of its products. For all other damage such as burn holes or chainsaw damage, Mystery Ranch will make the repair for a nominal fee.

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Mystery Ranch

  • Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck - Coyote

    Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck

  • Mystery Ranch Urban Assault - Coyote

    Mystery Ranch Urban Assault

    $118.15 - $139.00
  • Mystery Ranch Scree - M/L - Black

    Mystery Ranch Scree - M/L

  • Mystery Ranch - Terraplane - M - Coyote

    Mystery Ranch Terraplane Backpack - M - Coyote

  • Mystery Ranch Schlinger Backpack - Black

    Mystery Ranch Schlinger Backpack - Black

  • Mystery Ranch Booty Bag - Orange - Past Season

    Mystery Ranch Booty Bag - Past Season

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Special Price $38.00

  • Mystery Ranch Kletterwerks  Drei Zip Backpack - Multi Camo Black

    Mystery Ranch Kletterwerks Drei Zip Backpack - Multi Camo Black

  • Mystery Ranch Kletterwerks Flip - Coyote

    Mystery Ranch Kletterwerks Flip

  • Mystery Ranch Street Fighter - M/L - Fatigue

    Mystery Ranch Street Fighter - M/L

    $126.65 - $149.00
  • Mystery Ranch Cairn - S/M - Charcoal

    Mystery Ranch Cairn Backpack - S/M

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price $152.15

  • Mystery Ranch Stadt - Olive

    Mystery Ranch Stadt

  • Mystery Ranch Front - Blue

    Mystery Ranch Front