Ivy Kirzhner Backpacks

A multi-faceted creative brand featuring backpacks with multi-cultural aesthetic and eclecticism.

Ivy Kirzhner Backpacks

Ivy Kirzhner Bags

Ivy Kirzhner, a more creative maker of backpacks, caters to more fashion backpack, lifestyle. You can really appreciate the multi-faceted and multi-culture aesthetic eclecticism that prevails in all bags. Created by a native New York, Ivy Kirzhner, is an emerging leader in contemporary footware, however, the same appeal is now prevalent in the backpacks line. Get the d├ęcor and style you're looking for ladies with Ivy Kirzhner!

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Ivy Kirzhner Backpacks

  • Ivy Kirzhner Orion - Truffle

    Ivy Kirzhner Orion - Truffle

  • Ivy Kirzhner Pluto - Black

    Ivy Kirzhner Pluto