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13 Inch Laptop Backpack

Find the HEX 13 inch laptop backpacks from BackPacks.Com and be ready for school, work, or a business trip? HEX backpacks are a one of kind type of bag that you can expect to find, flair, glamor, fashion, luxury. The makers of HEX wanted to make sure that their fox-body, hex shape would comfortably fit most students and adults favorite and prized 13" laptops safe from the rumble and tumble ways of life.

13" MacBook Pro Laptop Bag

Hex features many unique styles of bags, each with their own application focus. You can find more than just a 13" space! You can find 13 inch laptop capable bags from multiple collections that do some great things for your travel needs. Check out some of the all-time-bags we sell and Hex has outside of our store.
  • 13 Inch Laptop Regiment Patrol Backpack
  • That new 2013 Fall collection, this Regiment Patrol backpack is similar to previous Patrol models and yes a 13 inch laptop will fit. With the classic shape that you've come to luv in the Patrol model you'll had the option to also hold a iPad with the faux fur lined and magnetic enclosure, YES! Free from electromagnetic gamma rays, you can move about outdoors and know you are safe and sound.
  • 13 Inch Laptop Regiment Echo Backpack
  • Great for a quick, mobile, and agile needs, the echo also features the 13 inch laptop enclosure and also has a padded magnetic enclosure to protect your electronics from gamma rays. This bag is all about durablilty and you can see that in the seems, the web grade straps and quilted camo nylon which is water resistant. Get on the go with Hex and discover why this is one of the most underrated 13 inch laptop backpacks out there!
Those are just a few of the very unique bags that you can have your cake and eat it too! Yeah, never worry about whether you can carry around your electronics a in luxury backpack, bag, or duffle category, go Hex!

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Buy the exclusive collections of 13" laptop bags with BackPacks.Com! We have a vast array of HEX Collection species here. You won't find a finer retailer of such options that are 13" laptop capable!

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