Hex Backpacks

Hex has some of the most aesthetically pleasing textures, materials, in backpacks and duffle bags.

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Hex Backpacks

Hex Backpack

When founders Dan Maravilla and Trent Valladares thought they found passion infused in the eclectic vibes of their funk, soul and rock music styles, little did they know, their style would become captured within backpack, materials. Found in boutiques, and major store chains, these classic backpacks are created with a modern flair. Whether musician, student or professional, these lifestyle Hex backpacks are intended for longevity.

Hex Bags

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Searching for a Hex backpack? Backpacks.com offers a unique selection of Hex brand bags. From duffel bags to army fatigue print and a brown leather contrast bag, our options add the perfect pop of accessory to any style.

Hex Bag

Hex backpacks offer a roomy and comfortable body for travelers. With plenty of packing space for exploring, these retro packs will protect any traveling necessity. Able to transform from a backpack to a carry luggage, these vintage Hex bags are guaranteed to hold clothes, shoes and valuables.

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Buy a Hex brand bag at Backpacks.com and enjoy a durable, unique bag that will stay with you through adventure and life. We hand pick every bag to ensure customer satisfaction and quality. Shop at Backpacks.com for the best selection of Hex bags.

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We offer great promotional discounts on many of the Hex popular backpacks. Due to changing market demands and seasons, we’ll have a few bags here and there that will be marked down.

Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Hex Backpacks

  • Hex Sneaker Backpack - Calibre Camo

    Hex Sneaker Backpack

  • Hex Guy Mariano - Fatigue

    Hex Guy Mariano - Fatigue

  • Hex Wet/Dry Backpack - Black

    Hex Wet/Dry Backpack - Black

  • Hex DSLR Sling - Raven Matte Black

    Hex DSLR Sling - Raven Matte Black