Granite Gear Backpacks

Trail tested packs for the outdoor enthusiast and the urban road warrior alike. Rock solid gear for over 30 years!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Granite Gear Backpacks

Granite Gear was born out of the wild forests and waterways that stretches between Minnesota and Ontario known as the Boundary Waters. During a paddling trip, founders Jeff Knight and Dan Cruikshank caught an epiphany that would later develop into the creation of Granite Gear. This brand encompasses the kicking and outdoor lifestyle, which is honed by a team of product designers and engineers. With these backpacks strapped on, be able to endure through mother nature’s highest peaks, and rugged natures. Most notably used for hiking trips and or backpacking you can use a Granite Gearp pack to withstand freezing highs, and arid lows. There's a pack for extreme niche outdoor activities!

Granite Gear Backpack

Searching for a Granite Gear backpack? offers a unique selection of Granite Gear brand bags. From tall Lutsen backpacks to petite Eagle packs, these diverse bags and its features are purposed for those who mimic its design: brave.

Granite Gear Packs

Granite Gear backpacks offer a roomy and comfortable body for travelers. With plenty of packing space for exploring, these rugged packs will protect any hiking or exploring gear. Made with weight, comfort and durability in mind, these bags are guaranteed to hold any valuables while strapped around your waist and hoisted on your back. There are a good depth of choices too:
Granite Gear Pack Categories

Each category featured above solves a bigger and more niche concern for outdoors men and woman alike. There are even special collections that taylor even more to unique application needs. Discover a few of them such as the Lusten Series Packs. A big 55 liter backpack, this is a perfect bag for going on a hike. You get longevity performance and durability with the Granite Gear tech. The refit air current suspension systems allows you to adjust the torso length and waist size. This is a big deal because this bag, will conform to your needs! As a result, you'll be able to go on long hikes without added stress. As you can see Granite Gear is not just another prototypical outdoor backpack manufacture.

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Buy a Granite Gear brand bag at and enjoy a durable, unique bag that will stay with you through adventure and life. We hand pick every bag to ensure customer satisfaction and quality. Shop at for the best selection of Granite Gear bags.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Granite Gear Limited Lifetime Warranty will repair any material or workmanship defects under normal recreational use for the lifetime of the bag for its original owner. If they are unable to repair the bag, they will replace it.

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Granite Gear

  • Granite Gear Lutsen 35 - Basalt/Rodin

    Granite Gear Lutsen 35 - S/M

    $134.00 - $179.00
  •   Granite Gear Eagle - Bambook/Gooseberry/Lilac

    Granite Gear Eagle

    $14.04 - $39.00
  • Granite Gear Voyageurs - Flint/Neolime/Bleumine

    Granite Gear Voyageurs

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price $39.00

  • Granite Gear Lutsen 35 - Moss/Boreal

    Granite Gear Lutsen 35 - L/XL

    $134.96 - $179.95
  • Granite Gear Voyageurs - Midnight Blue/Chromium

    Granite Gear Voyageurs - Past Season

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price $41.65