Canvas Waxed Filson Backpack

Filson Canvas Waxed Backpack

Unlink your ordinary canvas backpack line, that is still by means a very tough material, a canvas waxed backpack is even better. With the weave that you find in the Filson backpack collection, you'll have that nice finish and long-time durability. It's something about the wax that soaks right into the materials of the canva and after blow dryer over the wax you would not be able to tell that it was waxed until you feel it. However, once you wax the canvas you have to keep it up and refinish the backpack from time-to-time! However, keep the water out or keep the water repelled completely with a waxed option to your canva style or taste.

Filson Canvas Waxed Bag

Now is the time to shop, we've taken the time to curate the entire selection of Filson Canvas Waxed Backpacks. You can use our advanced color swatches to filter down to the best filson canvas waxed backpack! Our approach to getting the best Filson Canvas Backpack is the same as most of the different life-style backpacks that we sell. Basically it's a three step process. First, we ask, "Is this Filson Canvas Waxed Backpack good enough?". Secondly, we ask, "Does this Filson Canvas Waxed Backpack Bag have value?", and last, we ask, "Can this backpack become a classic?!". This is our obsession and we want the very best rucksack type of backpack for you.

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