Filson Backpacks

Filson Backpack

Filson Backpacks, spawned in 1987, this Seattle Washington backpack manufacture makes the toughest and most durable looking apparel for over hundred years. Filson focuses on comfort, protection, and durability. Although they did not start with many of the lifestyle backpacks they make today, the culture, the look; that part is still embodied in all items made. C.C. Filson, original creator and founder, started to really listen to his customers and also struck gold during the gold rush of the late 1800s. He wanted to outfit the stampeders of the Gold Rush of San Francisco in 1897 - 1899, but most important, rugged derived from the tough conditions that made Yukon experience very difficult. Filson is still to this day, making sure that customers are first and still hold the policy that if they don't have backpack or item in stock, they will custom make it. Shop The Collection of Filson bags below and use our filters to the left to drill-down to the correct bag!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Filson guarantees the lifetime of each backpack against failure or damage in its intended usage. Their guarantee does not cover general wear and damage caused by accident or by using the item for other than its intended purpose.

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Filson Backpack

  • Filson Rucksack - Tan

    Filson Rucksack Backpack - Tan

  • Filson Ranger Backpack - Black

    Filson Ranger Backpack

  • Filson Weatherproof Journeyman Backpack - Sierra Brown

    Filson Weatherproof Journeyman Backpack - Sierra Brown

  • Filson Journeyman Backpack - Tan

    Filson Journeyman Backpack

  • Filson Day Pack - Whiskey

    Filson Day Pack