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JanSport Design and Disney Magic Define the Brands’ First Joint Backpack Collection

Written by Dima Vitanova  |   June 16, 2017

Whether on the big screen or at one of its theme parks, Disney spells magic, a stream of wonder into the everyday. Millions of Disney fans can now carry this charm of endless possibilities with their favorite JanSport backpack.

The bag maker and Disney have just revealed a joint collection of backpacks. The bags are some of the most coveted designs of JanSport, while their fabrics flaunt some of the most famed Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the gang. Whether you fancy Mickey or love Minnie or like Goofy, you can take them on your daily routine, to the classroom, the park or on a short escapade.

Under the sheen of Disney lie classic JanSport backpacks with roomy main compartments and front pockets that have enough space for a day’s worth of essentials – be it textbooks or a light change of clothes.

For Mickey’s Fans

With his quick wit and huge ears, Mickey has entertained generations through their childhoods. It is no coincidence that some of JanSport’s most sought-after backpacks got an upgrade of his likeness – be it stylishly abstract or vividly expressive.

The Jansport Stealth Mickey Right Pack SE and Stealth Mickey Jansport Disney Hatchet SE, for instance, are draped in a highly geometric pattern of Mickey’s face, while the JanSport Disney Mickey Sketch SuperBreak and JanSport Disney Mickey Sketch Hatchet are covered in a slew of gray-and-black renditions of Mickey. On some, his huge eyes peer in bewilderment, on others his lips stretch in an ear-to-ear smile and yet on others, his face freezes in deep thought. Lively in gray, on a gray background, Mickey also graces JanSport Disney Burrito - Grey Rabbit Mickey Sketch, which is a cute and convenient roll-over pen accessory.

While these five items hint at the free spirit of the popular mouse, it is the JanSport Disney High Stakes - Tropical Mickey that truly reveals Mickey’s hunger for adventure. The inky durable fabric of the backpack boasts a painting-style portrait of Mickey, cheekily sticking out his tongue in a tropical jungle.

The Jansport Disney Right Pack Expressions - Mickey Floral catches Mickey in another floral escapade with blossoms flanking his darkened silhouette. It is a concept more stylized and delicate than many would associate with Mickey. Yet, its draw is hard to resist.

For Minnie’s Admirers

Coquettish and adorable, Minnie is Mickey’s better half, making for some of the loveliest backpacks in the collection. Blooming in Minnie’s endearing mien are Jansport Disney SuperBreak - Blooming Minnie and its miniature version, Jansport Disney Lil Break - Blooming Minnie. Their creamy exteriors buzz with delicate prints of Minnie smiling widely next to clusters of pink, yellow and red flowers. Another bag that carries Minnie’s captivating character is the Jansport Disney High Stakes - Super Cute Minnie. The baby pink cotton canvas provides a contrasting background for an all-black rendition of Minnie strutting toward her bike. Although the design features a no-detail image of Minnie, her girly prance gives away her cheer.

Peppy and upbeat, Minnie can also be quite the fashionista who appreciates some pamper. This opulence-loving side of Minnie comes oozing from the Jansport Disney Right Pack Expressions - Luxe Minnie and its mini-me Jansport Disney Right Pouch - Luxe Minnie. Both models feature a premium beige cotton canvas that is dotted with tanned spots in the shape of Minnie’s head and preened with a miniature bow. Boasting a similar pattern is the Jansport Disney Super FX - Minnie White Bow Dot. Rendered in classic black and white, this bag is covered in black stamps of Minnie’s head, alongside patches of polka dots and geometric lines.

For Gang Followers

If you are a fan of Mickey’s and Minnie’s romance, then an iteration of the Jansport Disney SuperBreak - Gang Dot, stenciled with the two love mice, will catch your attention. The bag features black-and-white scenes of Mickey’s and Minnie’s stroll through a park. To accentuate their infatuation, Mickey’s shorts and Minnie’s bow and stilettos pop up with a flaring red shade.

The whole gang joins Minnie and Mickey on the intense blue canvas of another SuperBreak design. Flaunting tiny dots of Donald, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Minnie and Mickey, this bag pays homage to the whole Mickey Mouse crew that made the cartoon an enjoyable and educational experience for scores of kids and even adults around the world.

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