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Adventure-Ready Backpacks for that Special Someone

Written by Dima Vitanova  |   March 10, 2017
Brooks England Islington Backpack
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No matter when and where your adventures happen, it is with whom you take them that singes the thrill and cheer into eternity. Truth is, the moments on the go with your significant other often chart the peaks of life. The shared intimacy, love and rapport elevate the routine and underscore the rare in every venture. Nothing shows your gratitude and appreciation for your partner and travel buddy more than a quality backpack that carries the wanderlust of your relationship and reflects your beloved’s personality. Charting the ultimate trip abroad, a leisurely weekend escapade or brining in some vogue into the ordinary, do not forget that special backpack for him or her to bring along for the journey.

Knomo Hudson Backpack
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Backpacks For Him

For the Outdoors Guy

Those who relish the outdoors know the pains of finding the right backpack to accommodates all terrains and situations. From biking in town to hikes in the woods, an active-type pack must be big enough to envelop all travel essentials without straining the back. Brooks England Islington fits all the demanding criteria. Rendered in a water-resistant inky black canvas trimmed in leather, this cycling bag flaunts an innovative strap system that provides robust support for the body in action. Enclosing a lift handle, the broad shoulder straps also allow for a crossed-chest wear that boosts stability. Closing 27 liters of compartments, a flip top and an oversized metal clasp make for a stylish finish.

Herschel Supply Settlement Backpack
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For the One Who Means Business

Tailored suits, crisp shirts, polished shoes. Business demands impeccable looks. The men who grasp the nature of winning enterprise also know sophistication. Not every backpack captures their refined fancy. Knomo Hudson, however, surely does. This bag just stands out. With ample space to stash work materials or adventure necessities and a special phone pocket, it comes in full-grain leather in either black or brown. The adjustable straps lie on low-profile comfort pads to ensure not only a great design but also a weight-free wear. A smart lock-buckle mechanism secures the top flap, which gives the backpack the silhouette of a classic briefcase.

Brooks Pickwick Backpack
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For the Cool Dude

His wardrobe screams urban chill. He is a wiz in matching and contrasting fabrics and prints. His easy ensembles are haphazardly low-key and yet effortlessly dandy. Call him a hipster, if you wish, but he would carry this description with class. The same way as he would Herschel Supply Co Settlement. On quite the affordable price spectrum, this backpack comes in four hues, each emitting a distinct cool vibe. Tucked under a vintage shell with exposed zippers, the interior of the bag – with the internal media pocket – is fitted for a tech-savvy lifestyle. Functional and neat, Hershel Supply Co Settlement not only serves a scrum of purposes. With its streamlined shape, it can also enhance any outfit.

Frye Clara Fringe Backpack
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For Her

For the Working Woman

Ask any accomplished woman and, chances are, she would confess to sporting several bags – at once. There are work documents and personal essentials to carry around and, oftentimes, a single purse is not enough. Unless it is Brooks England Pickwick. Bulging into 12-liter capacity, the backpack features secret zipped compartments on the back – for that important sales report or the favorite beauty kit. Worried that the seams might burst under the weight of the contents? Already a dream bag, Brooks England Pickwick is garbed in a leather canvas, which has undergone a special wax treatment for extra strength and water repellency. Conceived by designer Andre Klauser and executed in Tuscany, Brooks England Pickwick brings elegance to the work routine.

Osprey Quasar Backpack
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For the Fashionista

Heeding the latest catwalk trends, she is always the one to stun. She is a connoisseur of fashion who knows a superb garment or accoutrement when she spots one. Frye Clara Fringe is to certainly command her attention. This American-made bag has it all. With two parallel fringes that swoosh down its length and frame a couple of playful tussles, the backpack evokes a bohemian aesthetic. The vintage Italian leather and suede pique to Old-World luxury, while the metal buckle and the top flap, reminiscent of a horse saddle, cue to the Wild West. Despite the many references, Frye Clara Fringe comes off as a chic tote that can carry quite a lot.

For the Nature Lover

If she lives for camping in the great outdoors but balks at parting with the comforts of modernity, Osprey Quasar is for her. This bag is an adventurer’s dream – from volume to wear. Boasting ergonomic padded shoulder straps and a mesh-fabric back panel, it ensures a painless carry, even when its 28-liter capacity brims full. Bolstered for stability, the backpack unfolds into a bevy of compartments of various sizes that can schlep a load much bigger than mere essentials. Now, she can lug along that portable coffee maker.

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