Aviator Business Backpacks

Aviator Business Backpacks


The ultimate stud business backpack, the aviator. Everyone knows that pilots are the epic of professional and if that's your style, then you can't go wrong in this collection. This will sure add some sex appeal to your outfit, there's no words that describe just how perfect this backpack is. Majority of the collection here are backpacks that were meticulously stitched and fabricated with 100% Genuine Leather. If you are looking for a starting point, try the Hartmann Business Backpack brand. Their entire collection are ultra executive and from just one look at their collection, you'll instantly see the quality in their backpacks. To the left of this page, you'll find our custom built filtering system, where you can navigate endless through the different brand business backpacks we have. Navigate by material, laptop storage size and shop the messenger business backpack fitting for your day-to-day needs.

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Buying an aviator business backpack has never been easier. Here at BackPacks.Com our approach in curating this collection stems from our core principles. Is this aviator business backpack good enough? Does this aviator business backpack have value? Most importantly, will these aviator bags become a classic or sought after vintage collection. We're more than just another retailer, we call it art. As you can see in the craftsmanship here, the aviator bags are a great buy if you travel. Being a traveling executive you want to look sharp and still have all the functionality in a normal backpack. The brands here and featured Hartmann Business Backpack Collection do just that.

Hartmann Aviator Business Backpacks

Highest Quality Leather Type

The Hartmann brand uses a milled, full grain, Brazilian Leather with an aniline finish. You'll enjoy the feel that this leather bag offers, with an ergonomic padding on your straps and back, it will be hard to tell there's a bag on your back. There are two really big exterior pockets and a nice large opening that opens way back and enabling you to stick a laptop, tablet, bottle of water or soda. The biggest point here is that the Hartmann Business Backpack Collection gives you the feel of an everyday backpack, but with the executive look. Go into your next meeting, trade show, and do it in style!

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Hartmann Collection Best Executive/Aviator Look

Since 1877, Hartmann, makes luggage so fine that it stands as a symbol of excellence. That’s the vision Joseph S. Hartmann had in mind from the days of the industrial revolutions and trunks were in full effect. You were first class and to this very day you’ll be first class. In the mid 1960s, Hartmann adapted their collection of luggage to among the first “carry on” and they were leather. So the tradition of Hartmann continues on with it’s dedication to excellence. We select Hartmann as part of the BackPack.Com Collection as a result of such dedication to customer experience.

How To Care For Your Aviator Business Backpack

#1 Lift Dirt Using a Damp Cloth
#2 Apply Conditioning Spray
#3 Keep Your Bag Shiny With a Leather Conditioning Cream
#4 Fill Your Bag With Newspaper or Tissue Paper When Not In Use
#5 Wrap The Bag In a Soft Cloth Tote
#6 Store The Bag In a Dry Cupboard or Closet

Each tip here will guarantee that any leather messenger business backpack you buy through us will stay looking as new and vintage as possible. Overtime you can expect your backpack to maintain it's look, but have a vintage feel and giving you the desired look to your style.
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