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A backpack is like a best pal. It accompanies you on all your journeys – be they the daily commute to the office or a summer vacation abroad. Just like your friends, the right pack is a compelling reflection of yourself. Just like you, the perfect ruck possesses its own personality, shaped around its best features. Yet, there are a myriad of backpacks in a range of styles out there that choosing – or meeting – the one made for you can be hard.

If there was a Tinder for backpacks, consider this to be it. Similar to when you peruse the dating app, think about the traits you find appealing as it is them that set each bag apart. Think about what you want your pack to look like. A front-load pack, for instance, boasts a burlier profile than a top loader, but may offer you an easier access to your belongings. Would you prefer form over function?

The choice you need to make might sometimes seem easy, but appearances may as well lie, or at least harbor secrets. Take convertible backpacks, for example. The designs often unfurl from an over-the-shoulders ruck into an elegant tote or a sturdy duffel. Would you fancy a two-in-one bag?

Oftentimes, your choice revolves around sheer size. Small bags offer appealing urban sophistication but may afford little technical faculties. Similarly, luggage cases come in various dimensions that cater to disparate travel needs but might lack a jaw-dropping luxury. Would you go big or small?

To all these queries and many more, has the answers in its backpack style section.

Front Load Backpacks

Sometimes referred to as a panel leading backpack, front-load rucks have a main compartment that opens flat, similar to a luggage case, to allow you to stow your belongings easily and securely and access them freely and quickly. With a short but sturdy body, front loaders offer a comfortable carry with equal weight distribution.

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Top Load Backpacks and Bags

Typical companions for long-distance travel, top-loading backpacks are perfect for long hikes – be they in the wild or in the city. Because of their tube-like lightweight bodies, they do not strain the back and shoulders even if you carry them all day long. Being able to pack them from the top allows you to create layers that balance the overall frame.

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Convertible Backpacks and Bags

Why purchase a simple pack, when you can get a convertible? Able to transition from an over-the-shoulder bag to a briefcase or a tote, among other designs, convertible rucks offer an unmatched versatility and practicality in carry. Because of their chameleon-like capabilities, these bags can easily satisfy a range of needs.

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Duffel Backpacks and Bags.

Duffel bags are heavy, they say. Duffel bags are uncomfortable, they say. Well, they have not yet found the perfect duffel. There are many duffel rucks that afford an extremely easy packing experience and an even better carry. It all boils down to their utilitarian construction and unassuming aesthetic that often comes with support features such as padded straps and wheels to efface any worries.

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Tote Bags

Totes are hip and chic and, perhaps, a little bit spartan. While many boast a range of embellishments, at their core, totes are quite simple. And in this straightforwardness lies their sheer appeal. Easy to pack and carry, totes have become the quintessential urban pack – the one you can take to the gym, to the grocery store and to a fancy restaurant.

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Small Bags

In a culture in which bigger is often in hot demand, small bags are re-claiming their spot under the limelight. Or, maybe, they have never really left it. For the most part, their allure lies in their compact size that can accommodate the most important of necessities and accompany you anywhere without screaming for attention.

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Technical Backpacks

Technical backpacks are those highly proficient rucks to take on a grueling hike, a mountain expedition or a bicycling trip. Equipped with a masterful suspension and ventilation, they hug your body to provide the support it needs to go the extra mile. Often designed to carry specialized gear, technical backpacks truly have your back.

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