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Gone are the days when backpacks were simple pouches to schlep necessities from point A to point B. Today, rucks are sophisticated, tailored to specific and diverse needs. And this complexity often comes through features made to fit a particular lifestyle.

Many urban backpacks boast laptop and tablet sleeves that offer security and comfort to the commute to school, the office or the favorite coffee shop. Others are built for jaunts away from the city, where technology shrinks to a minimum. Hydration packs shape an essential component of these activity-oriented bags that lend a trusted hand to hikers, bikers and marathon runners alike.

Of course, not all backpacks are constructed the same. Heeding the uniqueness of the human body, some rucks flaunt a silhouette that hugs and supports the female curves. Others are built to unfold quickly and easily to streamline TSA checks and offer functionality in travel. Yet, others are made in the USA, a badge often associated with superb quality and elegance.

Whatever backpack feature you seek – be it as simple as a laptop compartment or as crucial as a lifetime warranty, has your ideal companion.

Laptop Backpacks

Let's face it, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices enhance our lives to such a profound extent that we seldom step out the door without them. Backpacks with designated laptop sleeves and USB ports cater to our need to be constantly connected. Backpacks built to accommodate gadgets of different dimensions, also afford a secure way to transport our prized possessions to campus, the office or to our favorite coffee shop or even across the globe.

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Hydration Backpacks

Hydration backpacks make the transportation and consumption of water convenient and comfortable. Gone are the days of water bottles stuffed in mesh pockets to the side. With hydration packs you do not have to even stop to drink. From rucks fully equipped with hydration bladders to packs that are hydration compatible to accommodate your favorite bladder, there are a slew of backpacks to choose from to best fit your needs.

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Backpacks & Bags Made in USA

"Made in the USA" often have a special place in the heart of American ruck enthusiasts. These bags boast an upscale quality that oozes through every perfect seam, every masterful stitch. Many of them also exhibit a retro aesthetic that harks back to such quintessential values as dependability and finesse, passed on by generations of skillful American craftsmen.

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TSA Friendly Backpacks

Anyone could benefit from some help at an airport checkpoint. And here is where TSA friendly backpacks come in to make the tedious process before a flight a breeze. These designs allow for a laptop to go through X-ray screens without removing it from the backpack. As a result, the whole TSA experience is less cumbersome and more straightforward.

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Weekender Backpacks

Whether you fly to foreign lands or embark on a road trip, travel backpacks boast a design focused on practicality and functionality on the go. The majority of travel packs are remarkably versatile – they may be the size of a carry-on but have the capacity to fit days-worth of luggage. Lockable zippers, compression straps, carry handles and laptop pouches are only a few of the many features travel packs possess.

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Female Fitted Backpacks

Men and women do not share the same physique. Then why schlep the same backpacks? Female-specific packs intuitively follow the female curves to provide maximum comfort. They have pack straps that are positioned closer to one another to help prevent them from rolling off the shoulders – a feature that allows women to carry them for hours on end without any discomfort or frustration.

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Backpacks with Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty is a definitely cool concept that ensures the longevity of your favorite pack. It protects against manufacturing defects that steal the joy of your backpack – and does so free of charge. At the end of the day, don't you owe yourself and your ruck the ultimate guarantee of quality?

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