Dakine Active Backpacks

Dakine Active Backpacks

Made for those active backpackers that luv the water scene, surf scene and the outdoors. Made with high quality materials and really cool, hip designs, you'll luv your Dakine backpack. Get into the groove with the Dakine Plate Lunch series and hit the beach with everything you need to catch your brews, ice, and other foods. As you can start to see Dakine has some really nice features that you can come to appreciate for those active life-styles.

Dakine Active Backpack

We have a full range of Dakine model bags each with very specific functions and emotional appeal for your day-to-day life style. Let's look at some of the very best and most popular active backpacks:

  • Dakine Section Roll Backpack
  • Made for serious trekking, pack for the road, for the beach, for an adventure, and loading and unloading like a pro. This is the ultimate backpack to keep items cool, Gatorades, brews, ice, anything cold. This bag features some technology that will keep it in the upright position and making your chill zone easy breezy.

  • Dakine Mission 25 Liter Backpack
  • Great backpack that you can live out or take on an adventure like snow-boarding. Fitted with a waste belt, you can take this on the slope and not loose your form. Features an easy access pocket for your shades, place for a table or laptop and much more. The ultimate surfer, snowboarding, or backpacker bag.

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Dakine Active Backpack For Sale

If you're looking for a deal on a Dakine backpack, check out our on sale backpacks category and shop through our specials. During the holidays and seasonal calendar, you can expect to find great deals on backpacks reaching their end-of-life. What are you waiting for, click that link and get shopping for your Dakine Bag today!

  • Dakine Womens Mission 25L - Black

    Dakine Womens Mission 25L

    $42.00 - $70.00
  • Dakine Section Roll Top Wet/Dry 28L - Plate Lunch

    Dakine Section Roll Top Wet/Dry 28L - Plate Lunch

    Regular Price: $55.00

    Special Price $41.00

  • Dakine Mission 25L - Tabor

    Dakine Mission 25L

    $52.50 - $70.00